Which of the cheap ones to buy: Lenovo G500 or Lenovo G700 or Lenovo S500?

It will be used for everything else but no gaming (school, movies, programming, photoshop..)

Lenovo G500
intel pentium 2020m 2,4GHz
RAM 4 GB (1x 4 GB)
1 TB HDD, win 8 64 bit
for 480€

Lenovo G700
intel pentium 2020m 2,4GHz
500GB HDD, win 8 64 bit

lenovo S500
Intel Core i3-3217U 1.8 ghz
4gb ram
500 gb hdd win8 64 bit
530 €
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    So, the funny part here is that the 2020m is actually better performing than the i3-3217U and uses less power, even though the systems with it are cheaper.

    Go with either the G500 or G700
  2. No, actually the i3 uses less power [ 17w vs. 35w ]. Even though the i3 has worse single thread performance, it has twice as many threads, so multi-tasking [may] be faster. Passmark says that overall the Pentium is slightly faster though... -- I still say Pentium 2020M, saving you the extra money. -- go with the G500. :)
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