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I want to upgrade my pc and chose a list of parts I can get, each list is around 600$ and I don't know which I should go for.

My current motherboard (gigabyte ga-78lmt-usb3) only supports AM3 sockets.

Here is the first list I was originally going for upgrading;
AMD FX 8320
EVGA GTX 760 Superclocked w/ ACX
Corsair H60 Cpu Liquid Cooling
Corsair CX600
Total Price : Around $582

My current motherboard only supports AM3 which is why I chose the 8320.

I later realized I can upgrade the cpu and motherboard but I will end up stuck with my current graphics card (NVIDIA GT 640) and 450w PSU until I can gather some money again.

Here is the second list;
Intel i7 4770k
MSI Z87 G45 Gaming
Corsair H60 CPU Liquid Cooling
Total : Around $592

Which list of parts should I go for?
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    I'd go with the second one, and purchase GPU and PSU later (together). Do not buy GTX760 and then use it with this same PSU - your current one will work, but not 760. That's why I'm saying you should get a new PSU together with GPU. BTW, Corsair CX series is quite average, even slightly below average, I would not recommend it for a gaming machine. Get XFX Core 650W, Seasonic 650W or similar high quality units like those from Antec, Rosewill, PC Power and Cooling...
  2. The second list of parts, i used to have the same setup you had and i just upgraded to an i7 and i have never been happier with this setup. On the side note you may want to at some point upgrade that gpu so something that is as fast as that 4770k. But all in all you will be very happy with the seconds build.
  3. go with the 2nd, but since you are going to game(presumably considering you want a gpu), why dont you stick with an i5?, and trust me unless the 450W is from a garbage company, its more than enough to power you computer for the time being provided its from the big names, and even you fit mid-high end card like gtx 760 or 280x, it should be enough.......
  4. The Intel option is way better. The AMD chipset has hit a dead end. When you have enough money saved, then go with a GTX 880 and a SeaSonic 650 PSU or better.
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