which SSD model/brand?


I just wanted to know what brand and model of SSD I should get for 128gb? I just want to save Windows and a few games on it. Budget is £60

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  1. for that budget i think you can find a 250gb samsung 840 evo if it's on sale

    edit: sorry i read 90 somehow:,review-32904-2.html
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    This one:

    EDIT: But I would add a little to get 250GB version...
  3. thanks for the replies. what are your thoughts on this ssd?:
  4. Good, reliable, fast. Been using 9 of those at work for 8 months now, not a single issue.
  5. alright, i think i'll go with that one. thanks.
  6. No probs mate, glad to help!
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