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So I'm just starting my first computer build I have a nzxt h440 case a thermal take 750w psu and I just got a z97 asrock extreme 6 I installed it tonight plugged all the connectors in and pressed the power button but nothing happened now I know I have no CPU or ram but I was still hoping something would happen like the fans or something is this normal or did I break something or miss something
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    You need at least the CPU for the system to power on. Without memory, though, it will just give you beeps. Why on earth would you try powering the incomplete system is beyond me. Curiosity? ;) Nothing wrong with the motherboard until you prove otherwise. Get all parts and plug them in.
  2. I'm sorry but this made me laugh :D
    Also you can damage the motherboard if you power it on without a CPU.
  3. Curiosity got the better of me! Thanks guys should be 2 weeks for the other parts!
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