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Hi There, I am hoping some one could push e in to the right direction. I am confused which laptop to buy among these two. I wanted to go for an asus first but the price point to a bit higher than lenovo

My purpose for the laptop is school work, YouTube and most important ..Stream stuff from my laptop to my HD TV


Any help would be greatly appreciated :-)
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  1. the one that doesn't bend has more CPU power and can do more at once.
    the one that does bend should in theory have more powerful.
    Apart from that they're the same. I'd get the one that doesn't bend, its cheaper.
  2. The i7 (Bendable) is quad core therefore will be faster than the i5? no? With the difference of $120 it has i7 instead of i5 and 8 gb ram instead of 6 gb and 8 GB SSD

    Still on the fence :-(
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    The Lenovo Flex uses a Core i7-4500U CPU. That means it is a dual core low voltage CPU. Core i7 mobile CPUs that are quad cores have the mq, hx, mx designations and they eat a lot of power compared to u model CPUs.

    You can see a comparison of the two CPUs in the following link. The Core i5-4200m is more powerful than the i7-4500u. Without Turbo Boost the i5-4200m is 700MHz faster, but with TB it is only 100MHz faster.,76348

    In terms of graphics performance, all Haswell generation u model CPUs will have the Intel HD 4400 graphics core. All other Haswell generation CPUs will have the more powerful Intel HD 4600 graphic core. The performance difference is roughly 20%.
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