Is my Gpu melting?

So cause here in bulgaria the temperatures are 31-40c and with my atx case with one exhaust fan my gtx 770 oc is heating up to 76c the i5 3350p is even worse 78c in the witcher i used to have 75-150 fps but yesterday my fps dipped to 52 at the flotsam town square then on the mission on one camp my fps was like 64-130 but then it go to 41-49 any ideas is my gpu dying should i refund it? Also watch dogs now is at 37-56 fps all the time on high msaa 2x before it ran at 49-80 fps avg 67 on high ultra msaa 4x why is this happening? My resolution is 1440x900
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  1. According to Nvidia, their cards can go up to 86c
  2. rolli59 said:

    But why i lose fps like that? I clean the pc every week with compressed air
  3. To OP - 78C for a CPU is a bit high, so the CPU might be throttling. To check if is an overheat problem, you need to remove the side panel of your PC and blow air from a fan into the case while playing, check what happen to the CPU temperature and if fps increases.
    If this helps, you need to add more fans to your case.
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    I agree with above, CPU temp looks a bit high, but that gpu temp is not at all troublesome. To get super specific though, the area you are referring to in Witcher 2, floatsdam and the surrounding forest are the most demanding sections of the entire game. So you will see decreased performance compared with the rest of the game.

    If there is an underlying issue that is affecting your performance, it does not appear to be GPU temp.
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