I need help with confusing SSD issue

Hi All,

I have a strange and somewhat confusing issue and i hope someone can help me.

I have 250gb SSD drive for my OS and about 7 more HDD for work. I am using Windows 8.1.
When i look under "This PC" I can see all my Hard Drives plus one extra HDD that i dont have.
It says "Local Disk" and assigned the last letter to itself. Size of the hard disk is exactly same as my SSD (Usage and free space). When i check the properties it says "ASMT 2105 SCSI Disk Device" and as far as the content of this HDD goes it has bunch of temp files and folders with very long {5674xxx) IDs. It seems like temp files are stored here from SSD.

Another strange thing is when I go to "Manage" to see my Disks. This HDD doesnt appear there at all. This wasn`t done by me for sure. I checked every software I have for partitioning and this HDD doesn`t show up in any of the softwares.

Does this make sense at all? How can I remove this HDD? and if this is part of my SSD how can i merge the contents or reverse this?

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    The ASMT 2105 is the ASMedia Technologies interface on your motherboard. Trust me, it's not a separate hard drive or SSD.

    The reason it doesn't show up in Disk Manager is because it doesn't exist. It's virtual.

    This is the result of either you or a program that you have installed "mapping" a drive letter to your Windows Temporary path, so that it can be accessed as a drive instead of as a path on your SSD.

    It is still a path on your SSD, but the drive letter is just an alternate way of accessing it. Why this has been done I cannot say.

    This is why it reports the same size, usage, and free space as your SSD. It IS your SSD, but you're only seeing the path mapped to that drive.

    You don't really want to remove it. Chances are, some program you have is using that and won't run properly without the mapped drive.

    I'd give you the list of things to do to remove it/unassign it, but I honestly don't have time to write that tutorial right now, and am being too lazy to do a web search to locate one that will give you the proper info on it. Perhaps someone else will be nice enough to point you to one. Right now, I've got to get a roast started in the slow cooker before my baby wakes from her nap.
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