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Guys is this Acer Aspire V3 772G-5413 ( any good? Apparently there are no reviewson amazon or on any other website. I want a new laptop that'll be able to handle the Assassin's Creed games, Metro, Crysis, Far Cry, Call of Duty Ghosts/Advanced warfare, Battlefield 3/4 and wanted to know if this could fit the bill.
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  1. its not released yet. hence no reviews.
    it'll play things like metro at 720p high. if you lower the settings at 1080p then its playable things like BF4
  2. Thanks for the reply mate but shouldn't amazon tell me that? And i think they say they have it in stock
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    that's my bad. I'm normally recommending that laptop I did a few weeks ago and when I did it wasn't released. It literally has only just been released.
  4. Ah ok. Thanks.
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