Looking to upgrade psu/gpu/ram budget around ~ 650Euros

Hello looking forward to upgrade my current pc.
Current specs:
Cpu:i5 4690k 4.4ghz
Cooler:Corsair h100i
Ram:12gb corsair 1333hz
Mobo:MSI gaming 7
SSD: 128gb ocz for the OS, and 1TB for anything.
Gpu: gigabyte nvidia gtx 460 768mb
Psu:corsair 650W

Looking to upgrade gpu/ram and psu since i dont think 650W will handle oc cpu and a beastly card.

What i am looking for to buy in details:
Gpu:Sapphire Radeon R9 290 4GB Tri-X OC Vapor-X 441Euros
Ram:Corsair Vengeance Pro 8GB DDR3-2133MHz CL9 2x4 83Euros
Psu:Corsair RM Series RM850 80Plus Gold 137 Euros

TOTAL :661Euros, what do u guys think, WIll ATI work with Intel cpu? suggestions open
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  1. 850W will pretty much cover anything, get the cheapest one you could find
    Then i'd go with the i7 4790k
    And the GTX 770
  2. i am not looking forward to upgrade my cpu or mobo, i just bought them previous month, looking to upgrade gpu/ram/psu thanks for ur answer tho.
  3. slightly change of plans, will get a 1000W corsair psu for 170euros 30euros more for future proofing. Any help on the rest components?
  4. anyone? any thoughts?
  5. I dont know much about euro pricing with computer components but 12gb ram is enough if its just for gaming so you could use that spare money on a better gpu. Not too good with power supplies but both gtx 870 and 880 are right around the corner they may be revealed by next month and either one is definitely a good buy if it fits your budget.
  6. Your ram should be 8gb or 16gb , why do you have 12 , you want matching pairs for Dual Channel mode.
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