Asus Z87-K Standby LED Always on

The green standby LED on my motherboard is always on. Is this normal?
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  1. It is on on my h87 m plus asus board, so yes.
    I believe its purpose is to tell you the board is powered, so no inadvertent works are carried out before turning off the power supply.
  2. Thanks . I have been having performance issues with a gtx 760 (I think its a gpu issue). I was just checking out all possible problems. Is there any way to check if power supply has any problems?
  3. Tell us what the cpu and power supply is and we can give you a guess.
  4. Cpu is I5 4670K & PSU is 600 watt FSP 600-50ARN. It meets recommended requirements but I was trying to find out if it is working at full capacity.
  5. Sorry. I should have made it clearer that I have already sent the 760 back under warranty. I am replacing it with a 770. The system builder asked me to send my system event log. From this information they said the gpu driver was crashing under normal usage. They said it was most likely a gpu card fault but less likely could be a PSU issue so I am swapping out the gpu first. I didn't know anything about the system event logs. I am going to read up on diagnostics and using the event log as it sounds really interesting. Looks like gobbledigook at the moment.
  6. O.K. As a rule , you should use a better QUALITY supply than Fortron for a card as big as a 770. I would recommend an xfx 650 pro core,
    seasonic 620, the minimum I would use is an XFX 550 pro core.
    Your system actual powerl draw is going to be around 300 watts and it will nearly all be on the 12 volt rail.
    However. Lets see how it goes, hey? I have not heard anything about fortron supplies. Maybe somebody else has data on this brand's reliability.
  7. Information is pretty patchy on fsp. I think there are 42 amps on the 12v rail.

    I just wondered if there was a stress test for PSUs like Prime95 for cpus. I suppose the best test will be running Arma on ultra with a stupid draw distance.

    I am not sure about swapping out a PSU. Is this relatively pain free?
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