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hey guys i bought new motherboard MSI 970A g43 and it has missing its cpu locking mechanism i have contacted seller but it looks like it will take some time. so i just set every thing up and started my pc but there is no display output so locking mechanism must be problem. so my que is that what does this lock does and what happens if we dont have it
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    The lock does more than keep the CPU in place, because the CPU sockets now are ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) the locking mechanisms (the brackets and lever for Intel, and the lever on AMD sockets) also allows the CPU and motherboard to make proper contact, the pins on AMD CPUs need to be pushed into the socket to make solid contact with the contact points at the bottom and the contacts on the Intel CPUs get better contact with the socket pins. The mechanisms provides the right amount and continuous contact between the CPU and the socket. RMA the board and check for bent pins on the CPU
  2. So is it possible to do it manually without lock if possible I wanna give it a try and is the reason correct that there is no display output because of cpu locking.
  3. "it looks like it will take some time"??? You got a dead motherboard and the seller obviously nows that! Try to get your money back and by a new mobo.
  4. DO NOT put your CPU into that motherboard, if you have not then keep it away. If you have check for bent pins. As I said in my earlier post, RMA the board as soon as you can.
  5. Actually 2 pins were bent slightly then i made them straight using pen nip now they look fine and strong. so do I got a problem with that and I packed the cpu in its box as it was
  6. As long as you were grounded properly and took all the necessary precautions for working with a CPU it should he fine. Sometimes though the pins look good but something else got messed up too and because you bent the pins you can't get a RMA from AMD
  7. Ok then just final que is it correct that because of missing locking mechanism my pc is not working????
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