What motherboard goes best with the intel core i5-4670k?

Hi I'm building a gaming rig right now, my first one. I have every part i pretty much need to buy right now but I don't know what type of motherboard to get for my i5-4670k. I know nothing about them. I plan on using 2 graphics cards for a good gaming experience. What motherboard should I get suggest a good one. It has to be lets say 150$ and below thanks.
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  1. What criteria are used to determine a motherboard as "best"? What do you need in a motherboard?
  2. Oc and can use 4 ram slots and yea umm and can support sli and crossfire.
  3. What size motherboard? ATX or Micro ATX?
  4. Atx preferably
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    Gigabyte GA-Z97X-Gaming 3
  6. Really good motherboard. It looks nice too. I think I'll get it off newegg it's only 133 $.
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