Amazing Gaming Computer Build! Will it Work?

I'm interested in building a gaming computer. I've got a tad bit of knowledge on how to build one and where to start. I've spent about 15 hours of research on parts and terms in the past week.
I've recently bought a Corsair Obsidian 800D Case for $30! I was curious if there is any parts in this build that would not be compatible with one another.
BTW The Rig will cost about 800-1200 dollars (I am fine with this) I don't do much Xbox/Ps3 and PC just feels so much more smooth to me. Now for the build

Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth Z97
Power Supply: Lepa G Series 1600W
Video Cards: 2x Evga GTX 660 TI Superclocked
Processor: Intel Quad Core I7-4770K
Memory: 1x Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB DIMM
Hard drive: 2x 1TB WD Blue 3.5"
Wifi Card: Asus PCE N-15 300MB Per Sec
Ethernet Card: Gigabyte LAN/PCI-E x1 Slot
Operating System: Windows 7
Fans: 4x Cougar CF-V12HP Hydro Fans
Case: Corsair Obsidian 800D

If there are any NEEDED parts to finish the computer please tell me. I don't really need a blu-ray.

My main questions are:
Is it all compatible?
Will it go over 1600W? (I think it might clock around about 800-1000)
Will the fans keep it cool? (7 Fans total)
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  1. whats your max budget and country?
  2. Don't bother SLI low end gpus. Stick with GTX 780Ti.
    You won;t need an ethernet card really if you have a wifi card. The motherboard has a built in ethernet port.
    You mean consider having a SSD.
    8GB is fine for gaming and normal usages. Get Dual channel memory kit rather than single. If not doing work like video editing or rendering, i5 4690k is enough.
  3. Budget is under 1500, added the prices of what i can find up and it comes to $1040-1370 price range. I do edit, render, and record. So I'm going to get 16gb. And i7-4770K is to jsut maximize the fps or any game on the highest setting. Though I'll check the i5-4690k out in just a second.

    I'm going gtx 660 TI SC Cause I already have picked one up though in awhile I may consider an upgrade of them.
  4. I also second getting a 780 to over sli it will serve you a lot better
  5. country?
  6. I'm in United States.
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    You have way overestimated how much power you need. That's a great power supply -- and also easily twice what you need for your build. GTX 660ti's are about 300W combined. You could run this build on a good 700W.

    While having a terrific 1600W power supply doesn't hurt you, it's making your build extremely inefficient in price/performance. There ain't no $1200 build in the world that needs a $300 power supply.

    In addition, unless you already have one of the cards, it almost always makes more sense to choose a single GPU/current generation solution. Scaling is an issue.

    The 4770k is overkill if you're building what is mostly going to be used as a gaming PC. Your budget isn't so high that the extra $100 can't be put to better use elsewhere. Now, this criticism may not apply if you have substantial non-gaming needs for this rig, such as high-end photoshop/video work or complex data modeling, that will get benefit of the hyperthreading (but you haven't indicated this is the case).

    Your parts are mostly really good parts, it's just that your build is imbalanced. A proper balancing of the components gets you the most bang for your buck, the most consistent performance, and the easiest roadmap to upgrades.

    [Edit: See you added that you do some rendering, which makes a better justification for the i7 and the extra RAM, though it's not really going to get you as much in the way of FPS in gaming as you appear to believe]
  8. Alright. Same build with i5-4690K and an Antec 900W Power supply (900W Incase of upgrades.) I think that the processor and dual 660 TI SC's should hold up to what i want it to do. That should save a good 200-400 while giving me the performance I would like in a computer.
    Still new to building computers but the build seems decent with a change of psu and cpu.

    Ty DSzym!
  9. what parts u already got?
  10. iceclock said:
    what parts u already got?

    Case and Video Card, getting wifi card soon and motherboard soon. Thought I'd ask before I got anything I knew was an overkill.
  11. Cataclysmica said:
    iceclock said:
    what parts u already got?

    Case and Video Card, getting wifi card soon and motherboard soon. Thought I'd ask before I got anything I knew was an overkill.

    If you're still within the return date, I still strongly urge you to return the 660ti and pick up the Gigabyte 290x Windforce (4GB) for $510 instead of messing around with an SLI situation that you don't need to be in. Also, a 750-800W will save some dough. That and ditching the ethernet card (your motherboard already has one) and you can go for a single 2 TB hard drive and you're halfway to putting in a 250GB Samsung EVO SSD.
  12. Well, everything seems to be good quality parts, but you say your getting TWO 1TB Hard Drives, both are WD Blues which is fine, but i would not .

    I would rather go with

    256GB SSD ( Put OS on this one)

    2TB WD Blue( everything else on this one)

    Always go with a SSD ( Solid State Drive) for your OS

    P.S. Remember this one little thing, bigger is not always better.
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