Is it worth getting a 32gb SSD for page file + files that would benefit from a ram disk?

Take pftrack for example, it's to track footage obviously, I had to do it on 4k raw footage and it literally took 15 minutes to load all the frames for a 20 second clip, and I had quite a few of them to get sorted. And of course the page file, now half my ram slots don't work I constantly go into it (despite having 12gb ram), so taking the load off my hard drive would be useful

My question is for the price of like 50p per gb, is it worth getting a 32gb SSD to basically use as extra ram? Or will it's lifespan drop quickly (as in last under a year), or should I wait until I can afford a bigger one?
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  1. Since it is only 32GB, I would expect the lifespan to be short. Especially if you are constantly reading and writing to and from the drive. I would save up for at least a 120 or 128GB drive. That way, you could also install the operating system and other programs onto it, and the whole computer will be faster.

    I have found Samsung's SSD's to be very good. There are cheaper ones out there, but you really do get what you pay for.
  2. do the math yourself, usually mlc ssd cells are rated for 10.000 writes so 32gb gives you about 320tb of data written. so if you will write one tb each day for a year it will start to fail. this is optimistic assuming 0 write amplification which isn't possible on a full drive.

    a 64 or 128gb drive gives you twice and 4 times the write capacity simply because there's more cells to write.

    of course a drive won't just stop working when it reaches 10.000 writes, some tests point to the cells being much more resilient so it's possible even the 32 gb one works for up to 2 years... you probably won't be able to do 1tb/day either for a whole year.
  3. also try to go for slightly older ones as they have better endurance and your usage model will eat endurance. the samsung 850's are looking good though.
  4. I thought the old ones were supposed to be terrible for endurance :P But yeah thanks guys, 10,000 writes per cell doesn't sound an awful lot (320tb does but I guess it won't reach anywhere near that), think I might wait until I have more money and reliability has gone up :)

    And yeah, I'm planning to install my OS on one eventually, but I'd like to wait for the 2TB ones, or at least land myself a job first so they don't seem so pricey haha
  5. reliability is not equal to endurance, there are few reliability problems at the moment.
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