How To Install Windows 8 From ISO File onto another computer

is thier like a tutorial for me to watch or something that shows me how to put an iso image onto a usb and install it onto another pc ? (iso image is windows 8)
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  2. so i do that to get it onto the usb now when i plug it into my new pc what happens how does it work?
  3. Change your BIOS boot order to boot from the USB. Assuming it does that...follow the install directions.
  4. 1. Download the Windows 8 .iso file
    2. Mount .iso file (I recommend WinCDEmu,, but feel free to use whatever you want).
    3. Make sure you have a bootable USB drive that has nothing on it and at least 4GB of space
    4. Open the file directory of the .iso and copy all the files to the USB (Highlight all the files and drag to USB or right click -> copy -> paste to USB).
    5. Once finished copying you will now have Windows 8 on a USB drive that can be used to install on any computer.

    To install:
    1. Plug USB drive into USB port
    2. Start up computer and boot from said USB drive
    3. Follow on-screen instructions to happiness.

    Hope it helps
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