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While building a computer for the first time, I did a dumb move with my AMD FX 6350 stock cooler. I put on the heat sink on the cpu and without thinking, removed it. Do I need to wipe off the thermal paste that was left onto the CPU and then put it on and scrape off the pre-applied thermal paste from the stock cooler and put on new thermal paste onto the cpu? Or can I wipe off the thermal paste that was left on the CPU and then put on the heatsink again?
Thank you
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    You probably should re apply it. Disrupted paste means air bubbles, which means poor cooling.
    Dont scrape it off though, use a lint free towel or similar (I like coffee filters) and wipe (Not circular) with preferably 90% or higher alcohol.
    Then you just re apply new paste, and there are many tutorials on how to do this.
  2. Sounds good with me. I'm heading to my local electronics store for other parts that I still need so I'll get thermal paste and maybe a better heatsink if I can.
  3. If they have the 212 EVO its a great cooler.
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