Is this a good monitor?

Hey guys was wondering if this was a good monitor.

too me it seems like a good one but I wanted to hear what you guys thought before I bought it since there I cant seem to find any reviews. Thank you
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  1. This monitor would be used for gaming
  2. seems good but you could get a ips monitor for 109$ if the deals still on at full hd and hdmi,dvi inputs if you ask i can give it to you
  3. this refurbished have only 90 days warranty level up your budget and get a viewsonic or a samsung even a asus they have a 3 years warranty
  4. also just like scout said 90 days on a REFURBISHED monitor is not good a 1yr is minnimum i would recommend.
  5. thank you guys
  6. other then the warranty how does the monitor look?
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    it looks good dvi is not bad and is on most gpus. Its full hd i would go for it. 22 inch is good also and 5ms is great for gaming
  8. i got one of those viewsonic led one great picture and no dead pixel .
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