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Is 3gb enough for 1440p for the next few years? games are getting more demanding with every release, and I mean the witcher 3 looks incredible. i am gaming at 1080p currently, and everything i throw at it with 780ti sli obv works like a charm, but eventually i want to hit 1440p. would 3gb suffice, or should I wait til high end maxwell is released and see how it does with higher resolution?
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    yes 3gb is a recommended for higher res. I would reccomend a r9 290x 4gb is better and will play games just as good if not better. plus get them in crossfire or since you want to spend that money a r9 295x2 which is 2 r9 290x in crossfire on a single card will demolish every game thrown at it. It comes with liquid cooling and super sexy.
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