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lately i have been having extremely slow internet.. i have verzion wireless with 55mpbs.. here ar emy speedtest results i have family that uses the internet but most of the time they use their data on their phones and its very rare for them to be on their laptops.. i was watchng streams on twitch all day but when it became night time but internet just lagged out on meduim quality i dont get why
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    Could be verizon throttling you cause you're watch a lot of twitch streams, I'd personally contact them
  2. sometimes like when im surfing the internet with like no other programs open i lag out
  3. Talk. To. Verizon.
  4. I got this issue too with my PowerLan Adapters! The cables that came with it were a little bend which gave me 5Mb/s so i tried my cables and boom! 65Mb/s!
    That's all i can say about it.
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