Can the 4690K pair with Z87 Motherboards?

Hi there! I currently am building a computer for my client and his plans are for a 4670K to go with the Z87 Motherboard. Since the new cpu's have been released he's wondering if the 4690K will go with a Z87 Motherboard. Will it be compatible?
Motherboard Purchased: ASUS Z87 ROG MAXIMUS HERO VI
Thank You! :)
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  1. If the BIOS has been updated , yes most of them will support it.
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    Yes it's supported.

    Core i5-4690K (3.5Ghz, 4C, L3:6M, HD Graphic, 88W, rev.C0) < Supported since BIOS 1504.
  3. Are you asking about the i5-4670k or the i7-4960X?

    The z87 is for LGA1150 CPUs like the i5-4670k. The i7-4960X is an LGA2011v3 CPU, which makes it physically incompatible with LGA1150 boards. It also uses QPI instead of DMI bus to talk to its chipset, which makes it electrically incompatible with LGA1150/1155 chipsets.

    So, no. No i7-4960X on z87 boards.
  4. 4960K <<<<< Is a YES.
  5. Sorry i edited the post since I made an error. I meant to say 4690K. Thanks for your support!
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:
    4960K <<<<< Is a YES.

    4960k does not exist... OP must have meant 4690k.

    Careful with those digits' order since one can be confused with a ~$230 part while the other can be confused with a ~$1000 one.
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