I've figured out what I should buy for my first build going to use for Heavy workstation and gaming is it worth it ?

This is going to be my first PC build, and I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers on the build that I chose. If there is a particular part that can be slightly better, please tell me. The parts I specifically chose are meant to do gaming and heavy workstation use. (hopefully ultra graphic settings in some games) and editing (cropping videos). I plan on using this build on streaming and recording also. In no case do I hope this build to run everything on ultra settings, The reason im going with this Z97-WS board is, i want to throw anything at it. And not have anything to worry about it not working, it needs to be 100% upgradeable My budget is 3k. I am making it purple and black for a little bit of that "gaming rig" look, while still looking clean for that "workstation look". On the SSD, any other 250bg SSD suggestions would be appreciated, I have bad experiences with this Samsung Evo 840. The pro version isn't any better. I need the SSD to be able to have fast enough read and write speeds, to be deadly reliable, and must be in the price range of around $150. Please help, this is my first time trying to build a PC. Any help is welly appreciated

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  1. I live in an area where there is no liquidation company around me. I live in a very very busy city. However I will try my best to find one. Thanks for your help!
  2. And sorry for not adding the build, I don't seem to understand the fact how i posted this post with out adding the build. I totally forgot to add it in! Whoopsies!
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    Should make for a nice build, might consider a single 780TI instead of the dual 770s, then can go SLI down the road if needed
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