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Alright, so I have a build going, but have a few missing parts and some hesitations. I suppose I'll just show you the build and see what you all think about and would switch:

Case: Mid Case - Brothers case before he upgraded ($0)

Motherboard: MSI B85-G41 PC Mate Lga 1150 ($84)

CPU: Intel Core i5-4430 Haswell 3.0Ghz ($190)

Video Card: --- Need help deciding on the best for around $120

Ram: Have two 2gb Sticks ($0)

Powersupply: Brother will give me his 430 Watt for free, or I can buy a 500 Watt from a for $30, not sure if the 70 Watts is worth it.

Hard Drive:Western Digital 1Tb ($60)

What do you all think?
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    very good...
    I would reccomend you this card,, will let you play games on medium to high settings with good frames..

    dont buy a power supply unless your brothers is very old, you have enough power...

    ever considered buying an ssd..

    everything looks very good otherwise...

    PS if its just for gaming I can reccomend you a cheaper amd solution that will run games even better
  2. anyway... you can get this...

    yes you will need the 500W with this build (will run games from high good frames to ultra good to medium frames)
  3. Thanks for the quick and detailed reply! I'm still thinking that I'll go with the intel build just because this is something I can upgrade over time. As for the SSD, I haven't looked into them to much, though I definitely will (Not to sure why to pick one over the other). Also, when you said medium to high settings, what games were you implying? I want to be able to run older games (Skyrim, Fallout, possibly Tomb Raider) at almost their max settings... As for more recent games, I understand that I'll be running standard graphics in order to tun the game smoothly
  4. I was implying the high tear games... the card is very good... here,3750-10.html

    your card might be a bit better, the list might be for reference cards..
  5. for an ssd there is also a list... but I will tell you this... since you will just use it for the OS, programs, 1-2 games, I would say 128 gb (256 if you want a few more games on it for faster loading speeds)... ussualy the higher the drive is priced the better it performs in terms of consistency... if its rated 500writes, it will stay there more longer (like if you are writing non stop for 10 minutes, hour)...

    but for a simple user, since you wont be writing much, just get a cheap drive with 500-550 read speeds... here are a few cheap and good quality fast drives... adata xpg sx900 (128, 256), crucial M500 (120, 240), samsung evo 840
  6. might want to try this board for the intel...

    has better audio and killer nic (connection prioritized for games)
  7. Awesome, thanks for all the info! Obviously, I'm a simple gamer with a low expectation and budget. Thanks again for all your help!
  8. you welcome... so this will do, cards are getting very strong lately.. its cheap to play high quality games on 1080p now (ridiculously expensive to 4k)...

    if you ever get the money, I would advise you upgrade the memory to 8gb... more and more games use more than 3-4...

    whats with windows? you might need to buy it too... do you know about that?
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