Will disabling audio processor on my GPU improve video performance?

I have a GTX660, can I disable the audio processor on the card because I have a dedicated sound card and want that to be used as the default sound processing unit. If yes, can someone tell me how I could accomplish this? Also, will this allow the GPU to offer higher FPS because the (audio) processing load has been taken off?
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    There isn't an audio processor on the card. What you are seeing is the HDMI connection for audio, which just works as a pass through. The audio data information is sent from the CPU, through the graphics card, and into your display which then has a sound processor inside of it to create the sound.

    Since the graphics card isn't doing anything to the audio, not processing it or changing it in any way, just passing it to the next part, disabling it will not have any affect on your video performance. It might help slightly if your dedicated sound card uses a DSP to take load off the CPU using the sound card instead, but unless your CPU is extremely slow you won't notice any advantage to it.

    If you wish to disable it and switch to your sound card instead do as follows:
    1. Start Button
    2. Control Panel
    3. Hardware and Sound
    4. Sound
    5. Right-click the Nvidia HDMI sound connection, and select disable.
    6. Right-click the sound card in the same menu and ensure it is selected as the primary device.
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