Plz suggest me to buy new 1tb internal hdd

Hello friends,
i want to buy a new 1tb
internal hard disk for os
primary usage and for
which one company is
better in hard disk drive,
western digital or seagate
my nearest dealer said me
western digital caviar
green 1tb hard disk is new
model and its best in class,

when i call to wd technical support the guy tell me wd green RPM speed is not fixed he is tell me wd green hdd rpm speed is fix automaticaly,
please suggest me to buy
new 1tb internal desktop
hard disk
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    Both Western Digital and Seagate are good. Some like WD more; others like Seagate. For what it's worth, they're pretty much equal. I personally prefer Western Digital.

    For a primary drive, I suggest Western Digital Caviar Blue or Western Digital Caviar Black. The difference between Blue and Black is that Blue has 2 year warranty instead of the 5 years for Black. Seagate Barracuda is also good.
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