Re using old PSU in new gaming PC

Hi all,
I'm going to build myself a new gaming pc but wish to save money and use my existing ALIENWARE AREA 51 (2008) ATX case and 750w PSU model N750E-00.
Here some info from its label
Ref no NPS- 750AB-1 B
Input 100-240v - 10A, 50 - 60Hz
Output +12VA 18.0A, +5V 16.0A
+12VB 18.0A, -12V 0.2A
+12VC 18.0A, +3.3V 30.0A
+12VD 16.0A, +5VFP 3.0A
Max combined power on +5V & +3.3V output is 150w.
Max combined power on +12VA, +12VB, 12VC, 12VD output is 700W.
+5V & +3.3V 150W
+5V & +3.3V 150W
+12VA, +12VB, +12VC, +12VD 700W
+12VA, +12VB, +12V, +12VD 700W.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Best answer
    should be fine remeber a high end overclocked cpu and remainder of system can use between 250-300w then you have to add what ever the graphics card draws to that.

    system =300w
    gpu= 300w

    you still have 150w head room so should be good to go.

    ive re used my old alienware case and psu (2006) no problem its now powering 2 660ti and a 960 @ 4.0gig
  2. Dell make great PSUs and that has 58a on the 12v rail. Even accounting for the age it should be fine :)
  3. that is individual rail shit though....some are okay/decent but the single strong 12v rail is a superior design...
  4. Thanks for all your answers guys
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