Samsung Solid State Drive will not fit!

At the office we have a Dell Poweredge T410 server. We purchased a Samsung 840EVO SSD drive to replace an old HDD. There are 4-5 slots for drives in the server tower, and you need a Dell 'F238F' tray to hold each drive.

However, when you screw the samsung drive into it's hard drive bracket then try to slot the whole thing into the caddy, it is too wide by about 1mm! it won't fit.

has anyone else had experience of putting a solid state into a Dell case? thanks
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  1. just shift the ssd to one side and screw like that its not a mechanical drive so it wont spin and there is no chance of slacking or falling...
  2. ah so the brackets and sturdiness is really meant for large HDDs? I guess a SSD can just rest on the tray without screws at all right?
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    yes... but if u move your case then there will be a problem screwing will make it remain at one place...
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