BIG PROBLEM computer is not reading the external hard disk


All of a sudden since the previous week my Seagate 500GB hard disk is showing up as local disk F\:
instead of the name I gave it (that was shreyas)
and also
I cant access any file in it ,it simply denies it and
I have not backed up my files and also I am unable to reformat it
please help.
All my work ,everything I ever had was in the drive and the cloud .
of which the cloud someone just hacked
i need help
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    Test with a different cord and a different computer. If that does not help, try running a checkdisk with the fix options on the drive, I've seen several posters that said that fixed the issues.

    If you had clouds storage, you need to contact the vendor, even if someone deleted your files, they have backups.
  2. Do you hear clicking noises coming from the hard drive when it is powered on?
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