First pc build need some help plz

As mentioned in the title I'm going to build my first pc, it's for gaming btw.
That's my build if you're interested, but I'm mainly asking for tips on what to do after the build, so like what drivers I'm meant to install, if the bios from my mobo is fairly easy to use, and if there's anything after the physical build I need to do to have a fully functioning computer. Cheers in advance
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More about build plz
  1. First thing with any build is to read the manuals that come with the components, in your motherboard manual in particular there is a section on navigating BIOS. The motherboard features UEFI BIOS which is generally considered a more user friendly interface for BIOS than the legacy type.
    My personal method during builds is to install the OS, then load the Network driver from the motherboard's CD only. Once that driver is installed, get the latest drivers from the various manufacturer's web-sites directly. Last, install Windows updates.
    I'll point out here that the motherboard manual is available on-line from Gigabyte, you can read it even before you decide to buy the motherboard - can't hurt and you may find something (good or bad) you were unaware of that may influence your purchase decision.
  2. Cheers, I've watched neweggs tutorial on youtube for installing everything, and rather than suing the cd drivers from the mobo he used a memory stick with the chipset ' s latest drives downloaded, then used the Internet for the gpu latest driver, is this also a fairly decent way to install?
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    That is a very good way to go about it, probably better than mine (which I do more out of rote than fully consider each step). Don't forget your network driver, you should be ready to go.
  4. Ah ok, is the network driver for connecting to the Internet?
  5. yep, exactly.
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