Cpu cores have different temperatures

Hello everyone i have a little problem. I have a core 2 duo cpu e8200 2,66 and the problem is that the first core runs cooler ( core 0) than core 1
Core 1:64 degrees
Core 2:70 degrees
Im asking because the cpu isnt overclocked, actually i underclocked it (well atleast the secound core) to reduce heat output BUT nothing happened. So if someone can help me i would be grateful.
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    Nothing to help here with, this is perfectly normal, altough it does seem odd at first. It was a known "issue" with C2D and C2Q CPU's. A little difference is always there, its just that this series had 5-6 degrees difference at times. Nothing to worry about.
  2. What you're seeing is perfectly normal. A load that's placed on the processor isn't necessarily evenly distributed across all its cores, meaning that one can work harder than the other, resulting in the higher temperature.
  3. Intel CPUs have digital sensors on each core. If it has 4 cores, it has 4 sensors and 1 package temperature sensor (temperature of the IHS). Those sensors show different temps based on the cooling for that core. Usually for 4-core processors, the last is the coolest. For dual-cores, the first is usually coolest. AMD doesn't have per-core thermal diodes, so it shows one package temperature.
  4. thanks everyone for the fast answers :)
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