Overclocking FX 8350 (maybe r9 290) w/ CM Hyper 212x Turbo (2 Fans) and Arctic Cooling MX4 4gr Thermal paste

The Title Says it all

How Many Mhz can i get?

This Is A plan. And, Is It worth it of i replace it with Corsair Hydro Series H60 or CM Seidon 120v Plus Watercooling Processor?

If it worth it, which one should i buy?

Mobo: M5A97 Evo r2.0
PSU: Corsair CX750M
Case: CM K282 Gaming- Chassis Sides
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  1. Alot of it depends on the chip itself. Some are more stable than others. From what I have read, 4.5-4.7 with air and 4.8-5.2 with closed loop water. If you go push/pull on the H60 in intake you should be comfortable at 5, depending on your chip.
    Hope you got a good one!
    Side note- What MB do you have?
    (Edit) Im blind! I see the MoBo!
  2. Sorry, Ijust wrote it down.
  3. M5A97 r2.0
  4. The phase is 6+2, i like to see 8+2, but the heat sinks seem to be good.
  5. What's Your Recommendation on the mobo?
  6. Oh wait my mobo is M5A97 EVO r2.0
  7. If your sticking to a single GPU not Xfire/sli i recommend the Giga 970 UD3P great OC board for like 75$. Cheap because it only has 1 16x lane and 1 4x lane for pcie.
  8. thanks. So what do you think about my mobo?
  9. Best answer
    You can use your board, just take it slow on the mhz jumps. STress test each adjustment before moving up. Should be able to get to 4.4 4.5 with just adjusting the multiplier.
    Here is a good reference being you have an ASUS MB
  10. how about my gpu?
  11. The R9 290 depending on your chip/board you may be able to flash it to a 290x. Not all can, it needs a specific model number. The link will show you how to tell if your can be converted.

    What brand/model #
  12. oh yeah, its a sapphire r9 290 tri x. not planning on crossfiring it. Thanks
  13. I had an M5A97 EVO, first revision. I was only able to overclock my FX-8320 to 4.2 ghz - beyond that, I experienced throttling due to the VRMs. I have heard of other people getting up to 4.5 ghz - which is around what some get even on high-end boards. Just some food for thought.
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