Is it possible to navigate Asus UEFI bios with a wireless mouse?

Hi. I'm building a new PC and I'm buying a wireless mouse so will I be able to use that mouse with the Asus bios or do I have to use a wired one?
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  1. I've used multiple wireless mice with the new BIOS GUIs, and they work really well.
  2. You used them before installing Windows or after? I thought that wireless mouses require drivers to be installed for them to work and wired mouses would just benefit from updated drivers installed but they would still work without them, I could be wrong though. If what I said is right, then I guess you can't use wireless mouses as the drivers haven't been installed.
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    Nope, I used them before I even touched any windows installation disk.
  4. you will be fine. just installed my OS a few months back using a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.
  5. Great. Thanks for your help.
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