Expected lifespan of my battery ?

Ok, so I know there are alot of similar questions regarding laptop batteries, but I just hadn't found a straightforward answer for my situation. I just bought a new acer laptop and I plan on having it plugged in 24/7 while having the battery inserted. I do frequent, fairly long gaming sessions, so the laptop gets hot and I've read that high temps can degrade the lifespan of the battery on top of having it at 100% always. There are rather frequent power outages where I live so I want the battery to act as an UPS.

The battery is a 6 cell Li-ion at 4400 mAh and I see these things going for 20-30$ on ebay. So I'd be happy to pick one up after say 2 years. But in my case will it even hold for an hour after a year of this type of usage ?

Thank you and sorry for this rather silly question but it's been bugging me all the time and I couldn't find a proper answer.
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    You will notice that after some time (being vague on purpose), the batteries capacity begins to diminish. Often it depends upon the quality of the battery construction as to how quickly the reduction takes place (why you can't find a straight answer). I used to use my laptop in a similar manner and found that after about a year of continual use, I could only get about 20-30 minutes time on battery. I wasn't too inconvenienced by that since I almost exclusively use the power pack and not the battery but the few times I used battery power after that first year, I noticed it drained much faster than it had previously. I might suggest keeping a spare battery just for travel purposes so you can be assured of having a fresh battery that won't drain faster than a strainer
  2. download hwmonitor @
    extract folder. run program. under battery section it shows you wear level of battery.
    id check on a regular basis to see how your battery is doing
  3. Thanks to both of you. I guess I'll just get another one for the rare occasions when I'm not plugged in.
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