Games Freeze No Stuttering or slow down before [SOLVED BY AUTHOR]

When playing games like Bioshock Infinite and war thuinder they will freeze and then load back 5-10 mins later, other games like Garrys Mod Team Fortress 2 Hawken Counter Strike etc work fine. im assuming its a driver issue and the two games that are freezing run on a different driver than the rest of them.

CPU; AMD FX 8350
GPU; EVGA 750 Ti, came with a 156 mhz OC
RAM; Corsair Vengeance 8 GB
PSU; Corsair CX750M
Memory; 120 GB SSD and 1tb HDD,
Note: Games are being pulled from the HDD it is a Western Digital Caviar Blue
Note: I use a cooler Master Seidon rather than the stock het sync, the issue was still there while using the stock one though.
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  1. So after a lot of browsing and trying absolutely everything that a ton of sites where saying to try I eventually found the solution. All you need to do is change your power setting to High Performance, you can do this by going to Control Panel>Power Setting (If this isnt showing up make sure youre using either large or small tiles as the preview)>Then under the "Show Additional Plans tab use High Performance. Hope this helped let me know if it did.
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