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I am building a new computer in a couple of weeks and am stuck on what graphics set up to get for 3 1920x1080 monitors all gaming. These are the specs:
Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD3H
Corsair 300r/Antec 1100
Hyper 212 evo

These are possible configurations for max FPS at £450-£550:
Gtx 770 4gb (if necessary?) SLI
Gtx 780ti
R9 280x SLI
R9 290X

First of all would the other hardware bottleneck those video card configurations?

Second, which is best for 3 1080p gaming monitors and how would I connect it all up (hdmi, dvi? Which card(s) do the monitors need to hook up to?

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  1. I think the 770 (4gb) and 280x will both deliver playable rates at 5700x1980. That would be the minimum I would be comfortable with, if you want to go for SLI or the flagship model card, it should scale well.

    As far as connections go, you plug all the monitors into the primary GPU (if you have sli, otherwise THE gpu). So you want to make sure you have the correct I/Os on the gpu. I believe you will have 1 DP, 1 HDMI, and 2 DVI inputs on all of those graphics cards, but I'm not 100% positive.
  2. If you have the cash available, I'd recommend the 6GB 780s - in SLI.

    I run a similar system, and personally I'm waiting for the 800 series... whenever that might be.

    It doesn't matter which card the connectors are hooked up to.
  3. I'm confused. One person is saying connections matter and other is saying it doesn't. Is there any evidence or proof or something either way. Also, I assume by saying primary gpu you mean the one plugged into slot 1 on the mobo. The monitors have dvi and hdmi so I should be ok for wires
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    I have 3 screens, running 6040x1080.

    When I had 2 cards, I had my middle monitor plugged into the #1 card, and the other 2 plugged into the #2 card.

    Now that I have 3 cards, I have 1 monitor plugged into each card.

    SLI makes the cards operate as 1 (sort of, not the point), it makes no difference which monitors are plugged into which card.
  5. Finally, would r9 290 Crossfire be the best compromise between price/performance. One r9 290 has 4GB VRAM also.
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