Why is it said that BIOS is better than softwares?


Everyone says that BIOS is the way to go, much better etc. But I dont really get it.
Like in my case. What's the difference between increasing my multiplier abit and my voltage in BIOS, than doing it e.x AMD Overdrive?

The thing is, u still change ur multiplier, what does it matters in what way u do it...?
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  1. all computers have bios.

    also software overclocking isnt as accurate or good
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    the BIOS is tied much more closely to the motherboard, the motherboard is what controls voltages to the components. Naturally it will do a better job at controlling the motherboard functions than 3rd party software does.
  3. yes its the core brain of your pc yo.
  4. Lol the CPU is brain.. the mobo is more like the circulatory system. But who's comparing :p
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