How do I fix this DNS 105 Error?

I am having problems with my computer. I can get on the internet about 50% of the time. I usually get this message "unable to resolve the server's DNS address or a picture of a piece of paper that looks sad and says "This webpage is not available".
I also get this message a lot "DNS 105 Error".
I am at my wit's end.
Please help me fix my problem. I follow instructions real well.
Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
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    Have you ran virus/malware scans lately?

    Does this happen on multiple computers/devices on your network, or just this one?
  2. It would be helpful to know, how you get on the Internet. lile DSL, WiFi Hotspot, wiht your phone or with a cabel modem and also something about the PC you use. And please tell us, if it worked before and so on.
  3. I get on the internet with DSL. I use Windows 7. I just recently bought this computer. It was built for me by a woman that has been in the computer business for 30 years. She also built our website for our business.
    She brought the computer to our home and set it all up for us.
    The reason we bought a new computer is because our older computer went out. The lady was able to get all our info off of the old hard drive by putting it in the freezer for a while. I had never heard of that before but it worked for us. We were really glad and thankful she got our info off of it.
    When our old computer was running, we did not have a problem with these error messages and such. Sometimes when we had some bad weather we might not be able to get on the internet.
    Just like now, I am trying to confirm my email for this site and it will time out and I can't confirm it.
  4. Take a look in the Windows Event Viewer and search for error messages around the time you had the problems. Did you reset the router already?
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