771 to 775 converter only showing 2 cores of available 4

Hey, so having recently bought a Xeon E5450 (i think) and used a 771 to 775 converter, i am puzzled as to why my pc cannot see 2 of the 4 cores and only sees it as dual core, when the mobo (P5G41-m si) has the latest bios which supports the intel equivalent (Q9650) any help is appreciated. . .
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    This answer came from bailw on overclock dot net:

    Go into MSCONFIG (CLick on Start, type MSCONFIG in the earch box, heit enter, in the window that opens click on the Boot tab, click on Advanced Options, in upper left, click the box and Select 4.

    Hope it helps.
  2. Same problem with Xeon e5430. The solution is simple:run/ msconfig/boot/ advanced option/ and here you should uncheck "Number of processors" and restart Windows. After that you can select how many cores you want to activate during boot sequence.
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