Windows XP installation problem. Please Help!

Hello everyone,

I am trying to reinstall Windows XP on my old machine for the simple reason of quickly removing no-longer unwanted software and stuff. However, here is the full story how it went;

I restarted my old machine (with Windows XP disk in it) and I didn't get the: "Press any key to boot from CD". Tried a few times, I didn't get it, so what I did? I tried to install it directly from my computer, after it it finished, it restarted the pc and couldn't start anymore. It didn't even went to the XP logo.

Now, I used an USB drive, and then I got to the screen when I can choose which OS to start (after pressed F12 [Which also didn't gave me the option to boot from cd/dvd]). I selected the Windows XP Professional Setup and the Windows Setup began.

I selected partition C and started a new installation, so it deleted the old files, and the setup started, and then it crashed x(. This is the error it gave me:

Setup cannot copy the file: <filename>
To retry press Enter
If you are installing from a CD, make sure the Windows XP
CD is in the CD ROM.
To skip this file, press ESC.
Caution if you skip this file, Setup may not complete and
Windows XP may not work properly.
To quit Setup, press F3

I hit enter, same thing, hit enter, same. Hit esc, still same. Quit setup, try again, still same. Any help please?
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  1. it simply means that you are going to have to use a good cd to reinstall the os as all the install files you need are not on the hard drive. windows xp will only use the install files from one place so you cannot start the install from the drive and then copy files from a cd. so what ever it starts the install process has to have all the files on it.
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    Try the CD again but this time, enter the BIOS and set the CD drive to boot first.
  3. I did, lol the BIOS were in german, that's why I was stuck there. Now I need the network cards and I'm ready to go xD
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