Cl9 and Cl10 mixing?

I'm looking to mix Cl10 8gb with Cl9 4gb of RAM together but they are of different CAS latency's here are the two ones i'm looking to mix the 4gb one is already installed in my current pc - Or would it be better to use the Cl9 8gb RAM stick - And is it even possible to mix this RAM? - Thanks!
Cl9 4gb :
Cl10 8gb :
Cl9 8gb :
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  1. The only way to guarantee no problems is to use identical ram kits as approved by the motherboard manufacturer.

    So only use IDENTICAL ram in your pc.
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    In a dual channel system, you never want to mix RAM of different speeds, timing, manufacturer, voltage, etc. That is why dual channel memory is sold in MATCHED pairs. You may get lucky and it will work, but it won't be stable.
  3. The best option is always to use identical modules across the board. This however is no guarantee as manufacturer's have a habit of switching memory supplies after all the reviews are done :) Old Corsair Vengeance Pro was Hynix..... not no more.....Old Corsair Dominators at 2400 were 10-12-12-28..... now 10-12-12-31

    If you find a extra pair of RAM dropped on ya lap, no harm in giving it a try. However make sure that you use matched pairs on each channel. So for example .... say ya have (2) 4 GB and (2) 2 GB ....arrange them on the same channel..... for atypical current MoBo this might look like (going left to right from CPU):

    4 GB - 2 GB - 4GB - 2 GB

    Check your MoBo manual to see which channel is which.

    Remember, no guarantee doesn't mean that it's guaranteed to fail.

    If you had:

    (2) Corsair Vengeance Pro 2 x 4GB DDR3-1600 w/ 7-8-8-24 timings

    (2) Corsair Vengeance Pro 2 x 4GB DDR3-1600 w/ 9-9-9-24 timings

    You have a pretty good shot in getting them to work. Again I would never recommend buying two sets of either one of those as they are guaranteed to work with 2 modules..... not with 4. You want a guarantee, buy a set of 4 matched modules.

    But if that 2nd set drops on ya lap say from a failure of another build, no sense letting it go to waste.

    Set them up in respective channels as shown in the manual. Then go into the BIOS and make sure all timings for all modules are set at 9-9-9-24 ..... no luck, try 10-12-12-28.

    In your case, i would lose the 1st one

    The second one's timings are 10-10-10-27
    The third one's timings are 9-9-9-24

    Set them all to 10-10-10-27 and give it a shot.

    Again make sure that they are on the same channel....look in manual.
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