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For the past year i have been using a logitech office wireless mouse and it still works fine but i would like to purchase a wired mouse because i am tired of changing batteries.

It is hard for me to find a mouse because im too afraid to purchase an expensive one and not like it.

My grip type I assume is palm, although my logitech mouse is small so it is almost like i claw it, but its not a full claw. I think palming is my grip type because I do have large hands. (im 6 foot tall if anyone can compare)

Also, Mice with buttons on the thumb side scare me, I am afraid I will constantly accidentally press them. Really all i need is a left click right click and a scroll wheel and I am good, but I do not mind any extra buttons I am just afraid of them.

I play a wide variety of games, so anything will do.

I would like to know some good options for me, preferably the best bang for my buck.
What mice have you had experience with? What do you recommend? thanks for reading guys, tom's hardware is always a reliable source.
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    Logitech is IMO! the best mouse company out there so i would suggest you buy something from them. My personal favorite is the G400 which is basically an upgraded MX518. As i own the 518 for about 10 years i can tell you right now you won't accidentally click the thumb buttons and the mouse is crazy precise and durable.
  2. I just bought a Logitech G502 proteus core to replace my ailing G500(was a great mouse lasted me 5 years). It's been great. I Know where you are coming from I'm 6'3" and alot of mice just feel to small but this fits my hand well. But it's not exactly cheap at $80. I used a Feenix Nascita for awhile but that was a waste of $100, it fit my hand but overall it was a buggy and it felt light a cheaply made.
  3. Logitech G300 is a good choise, but personaly I prefer "Gigabyte M8000X High performance Laser Gaming Mouse". I own it and I suggest it to you with closed eyes.
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