Extra cooling for 4790k on Turbo settings

Hello everyone.
I've never overclocked a CPU and to be honest I still know fairly little about it.
I will be building a computer soon and I'm considering getting a i7-4790k as my CPU.
From what I read people have been getting OC results around the 4.8 clock speed.
Since the Turbo sets it at 4.4, is it really worth overclocking this CPU just for the 0.4 boost?
I'm considering I would have to buy a better CPU Cooler if I want to overclock but do I also need a new one if I just run the CPU on Turbo? Or is the stock cooler good enough for that?

Since I've never overclocked I'm kinda balancing all the factors between going Turbo or OC.
I'll be mainly using the computer for gaming.
What would your advice be?
Thank you!
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    You really won't need to overclock it, it will probably take years before games will come out that will make such a processor sweat. But a better CPU cooler is always a good idea because it will make the computer run more quietly under load even if not overclocked. Hyper 212 evo should do the job nicely.

    What you really need is a graphics card to match the bite. A radeon R9 290 of GF 780 (780ti), or a crossfire between two R9 280's, these are getting quite cheap now because AMD has lowered the price to pave the arrival of their newest CPU's.

    The hardware these days clocks itself when necessary, this is what "turbo frequency" actually is. What you are doing essentially is setting how much is that function allowed to overclock and overvolt itself.

    If you really want to overclock, then overclock the graphics card, that is the most framerate intensive piece of hardware for gaming. What people like to do is that they take a lower level card, such as the R9 290 and overclock it to run at the performance of the R9 290X.
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