good LED pwm fans that work with corsair h80i?

Been looking for some pwm fans with LEDs to replace the stock corsair h80i fans, preferrably ones that work with corsair link? If you guys have any suggestions it will be much appreciated.
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  1. Replacing the H80is fans with something quieter (aka slower) generally brings its performance down to that of the $25 Hyper 212. So be aware that is ya cut rpm, thermal performance drops precipitously. With that in mind:

    I don't think Corsair has any PWM LED fans .... and IIRC all their LED fans top out at about 1500 rpm
  2. I would get the corsair pwm quiet editions but they don't have LED. Those corsair LED fans aren't pwm so I don't think they would be good for the h80i

    Would you think the bitfenix spectre pwm led fans would work with corsair link? and overall a reliable pwm fan in general? would love someone's feedback on these
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    PWM fans are interchangeable. Noctua are the best fans but no LEDs in their range.

    Anything other than Noctua or Corsair will be noisier for the same fpm.
  4. Guess ill just get the noctua even though they're ugly as hell
  5. No need to go ugly.....well, depending upon how much performance you willing to drop. On cases, coolers and quiet rad applications, Noctua is no longer the king of the hill..... hasn't been for over a year now. Phanteks is both quieter and produces more cooling by quite a significant margin

    Here the Phanteks toast the Nocs gaining a 3C advantage while spinning 300 rpm slower.

    But again, the PWM version of these fans is not LED.

    The question is .... though the Phanteks has 120mm mounting holes, it's a 140mm fan. You won't be able to take advantage of the lower noise and better cooling if it don't fit in your case. And remember while brand name and design is good for small advantages .... no brand's 1500 rpm fan is going to come anywhere close to the cooling capacity of the 2700 rpm you have on the cooler now.

    Here's a Corsair unit at 1700 rpm losing out to the $25 Hyper 212.

    So adding $25 fan to the $95 H80i to get lower noise doesn't make lotta sense if you will be dipping below the thermal performance of a $25 cooler.

    Don't fall into the mindset because Noctua makes great, quiet 1500 rpm fans that this somehow correlates to their faster rpm lines. Noctua had different design goals for the faster fans and their 2000 and 300 fans are by no means quiet.

    the H80i is listed at 37dba ....

    The Noctua 3000 rpm job is rated at 45 dbA *
    The Noctua 2000 rpm job is rated at 30 dbA *

    * and that's without the noise caused by air turbulence thru the rad

    So you have quite a dilemma facing you ..... it takes a 2 x 140mm rad on an AIO (i.e. H110) to match the performance of an air cooler like the Phanteks PH-TC14-PE or the Noctua DH-14. The single 120 x 120 mm rad based AIOs make up for that on 1 x 120 rads by using extreme rpms and oft peeps want to quiet them down.

    The Corsair 2450 rpm fans will do the job almost as well as the stock noise and be slightly quieter but still noisy. The 1500 rpm ones will produce higher CPU temps than the Hyper 212.

    The popular Noctua 1500 rpm quiet models are in the same boat. as the Corsair 1500 models but just a lil bit better than the Corsairs.... The Phanteks models w/ 120mm mounting holes are a more significant step up, if they fit in ya case (they will mount to rad) but still well short of the 2700 rpm fans cooling performance. If you thinking the 1500 rpm Corsairs or Noctuas might be the solution cause you don't need the thermal performance at your planned OCs, the Phanteks will do better thermally and noise wise. However, no 1500 rpm fan designed for radiator usage can can compete with a 2250 - 2700 rpm fan designed for radiator usage.

    The Noctuas, Delta's and other fans in the 2000+ rpm category will suffer from the same problem..... as thermal performance increases so does noise.
  6. Do these fans work with corsair link?
  7. I'm not familiar w/ Corsair link but I dunno how it would distinguish one PWM fan from any other. Remember again, the Phanteks are somewhat bigger than standard 120mm fans tho not as big as standard 140mm fans. Their 120mm mounting holes will mount on the rad no problem but they are bigger than the 120s and if case limits space to as 120mm, might not fit

  8. @jack naylor thanks for the info..good read. I just saw the whole post on my comp since my first read through was on my phone lol.
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