12v reads 11.5v in UEFI

So Everytime I try to load up a game my PC reboots. i came to the conclusion that this was my GPU's fault since this did not happen when I later uninstalled my GPU. Now, I contacted EVGA to seek help and the agent asked me what my Power Supply was and what the Voltage is for the +12V reading. It was 11.5 to 11.59 and that it was too low.

I will be buying a new power supply soon to see if it will cause Reboots but at this point I need more people's opinion. Is that 12V reading unusual and should I conclude that my PSU is horseshit?

GPU: GTX 750 Ti 2Gb
MOBO: Asus A78M-A
CPU: AMD A-10 7850K
PSU: CX 430
RAM: G.Skill Sniper Series 2133 (2x4) 8Gb
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  1. Without even seeing the 12v reading you would've been advised to try a better power supply. Corsair CX cause a lot of problems reported here.

    But 11.5 nails it. My rule of thumb is +/- 0.2V. 11.5V is way outside that.

    Have a look at Try to get a replacement from Tier 1, 2a or 2b. CX is Tier 3.

    Try eg Seasonic 430 or 520, XFX 550 or Antec HCG 520M
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    Technically it is still in spec, but barely... Spec is +/- 5% so 11.4-12.6V, but your voltage generally drops when under heavier load so as soon as you were to load up the CPU and GPU you would likely see your voltage drop out of spec. Swap out the PSU for a different one, but you should still be able to RMA that one, possibly sell its replacement on ebay or the like.
  3. Okay so, i don't know if I made a terrible decision or an even one but I exchanged my CX430 for an EVGA 500B. The 12V now reads 12.06 to 12.1 while I was in the BIOS.

    I haven't checked if it will cause a reboot but hopefully it's a better choice.
  4. They are better 12v readings.

    Make sure your case is clean. Blow it out - especially coolers, fans and filters.
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