over heating issue

Here is the parts:
Gigabyte z97-sli
Asus r9-280
Stock hs/cooler

At idle the temp is around 30-40c
I ran prime 95 for a little to see if it would produce to much heat to play games. Shortly after starting prime it got beat 90c so I stopped the test shortly. I put ceramique2 TIM. I am on my phone posting this right now but when I get off from work I am going to make sure the optimized defaults didn't set over clock.

I enabled xmp for memory, dunno if that matters. The case is also a corsair 230t which had three fans though I am going to check and see if all are viewing air out or in.

P.s. I plan to get the hyper 212 evo sometime just wanted to get it going for my games as soon as I could.

The psu is a xfx 650w pro non modular. I kept the cables out of the air flow as much as I could. Most of the cables are behind the board. First time of cable management so not as good as some people that is used to doing so but I don't think it is bad at all.
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  1. Also I did get some of the TIM on the mother board in two places but got what I could off of it and suppose to be non conductive either. What is the chances the temp reported is wrong. It didn't seem to slow down or freeze when it was getting in the 90c range
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    idle 30-40C is fine, also 90C is not worrying, any temps over 100C can damage your system. That's how it is with intel's CPU's. AMD's CPU's on the other hand, can get damaged already at 70-80C. So i think you are perfectly fine with what you've got.
  3. I would like to keep it under 70, especially 80. I believe I did put enough compound on the CPU. Almost the size of a compositor or so recommend by some. Ideally I want a hyper 121 evo, but until then I am wanting to use it until I can get the better cooler.
  4. Update. I reapplied the thermal paste again. I ran prime95 test again for maybe 3 minutes or so. It got up to 81C. Last time I tried that it was 90ish and reached higher temps faster. This time was more gradual.
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