MSI 990FXA-GD65 + AMD FX-6300 + 16GB 1866MHz RAM Won't Boot


Today I received parts for my new gaming system (sans water cooler, using the stock heatsink+fan until then), however I'm experiencing problems with the setup. The specs are as follows:

- MSI 990FXA-GD65
- AMD FX-6300 CPU
- GSKILL 16GB (2x8GB) 1866MHz DDR3 RAM
- Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB SSD
- 2x MSI GeForce GTX 660 Ti
- BitFenix Comrade case

Upon powering on (after assembly), the Phase Indicator only has the first two LEDs lit up (Phase 2 Power Mode, according to the manual). No output is displayed on screen. I've tried removing and re-inserting the CPU and removing one of the graphics cards, to no avail.

I would appreciate any help/advise that could be offered, that I might get this system up and running!

Kind Regards
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    Make sure all of the power connectors are snug. If they are, you should try to see if any of the ram is defective. If not, boot the system with the bare essentials. Keyboard, CPU, Graphics, and one stick of ram.
  2. That is a very very poor power supply.
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