My download speed is supposed to be 4mb/s. But i get 500kb/s Any ideas?

It's getting annoying how everyone around me downloads these games that are 9GB large in a short time (via steam of course) and origin all sorts i tried. I ALWAYS ALWAYS GET 500kb/s even when everybody in the house is offline. Interesting thing though... When I Download from Origin then i pause then play it goes up to 4MB/S then decreases rapidly. And no. I don't have a speed Cap. I hate BT because they promise SO MUCH and yet they give so little. Also I recently got a new alienware upgrading from my Dell Studio XPS 1000 series in 2009. In 2013 i got an alienware aurora which is AMAZING. But the problem is. They BOTH. And i mean. BOTH have the same download speed as one another.
Any speed increases that won't break my pc? Thanks. Oh that's weird. Do you think it maybe the steam and origin servers not being able to deliver more than 500kb/s. I tested and there are AMAZING results. Very confusing
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  1. Might check your location setting in steam, should be under Settings----Downloads.
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    Maybe just a coincidence but the 4m number is 8x500k. Be sure you are looking at the number correctly. PC download and such generally use the speed in BYTES/second. Almost all networking tools and the rates the ISP quote are in BITS/sec. You could try to download something from microsoft sites they are some of the fastest download sites around.
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