Can I lock two hard drives out of eachother?

Hello. I am an IT/gaming enthusiast that will soon buy a dream pc. I share my gaming experience with my little sister, however she is not as careful when it comes to internet as I am and sometimes I see stuff on her computer I would not like on my computer. I think I have a solution for this:
She would use windows 7 on a HDD and I would use windows 8.1 on connected SSDs.

However that would not fully protect my system, so that would mean I would have to lock the systems out of each other. That means I cannot see her hdd on my windows and she can't see my ssd's on her windows and we would both not be able to access eachother's files.

Then, if she has a problem on her windows I can always access it through her administrator account and fix anything she wants, but then I don't want to risk having the same problems on my side, as sometimes the software can bypass accounts and install itself globally. I know I can do install two windows system, but how can I lock the drives out of eachother?
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    Just go into Disk Management on Windows 7 and remove the drive letters for your stuff. Most virus and malware need a drive letter so by removing the drive letter 1) She can't access it. And if she knows how to change it just make her a limited account and you be the admin and then she really can't change anything 2) stuff that needs a drive letter can't access the drives.
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