Installed new graphics card, having issues

I recently got a new graphics card (GTX 750ti), an upgrade from my previous one, GT 545. I asked around and people said I could easily support the upgrade - it says it needs a minimum of 400w and I have 500w.
When I put it in and turned it on, however, it starts booting up, shows the PC manufacturer's name for a long period of time, then goes to a black screen with a white underscore flashing in the top left. It won't even let me start it in safe mode, for whenever I press or hold F8 it just beeps after a while. My PC does also beep occasionally whilst it's booting up.
I don't know much about computers, but figure it's probably the power supply. The two wires I have coming out of the PSU have three adapters coming out of them, and one is already connected to the hard drive, and the other on the other wire to the disk drive. Two of the adapters DO connect to the white male ends of the 6 pin wire connected to the graphics card itself, but since they're already powering the hard & disk drives, I don't know just two wires are enough.
As a note, before installing the card, I did uninstall all previous drivers etc. and also, my old graphics card wasn't connected to the power supply, just to the motherboard.

Has anyone had a similar issue or knows how to help me? Thanks!
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  1. That does sound like a power problem, running with those adapters from your power supply. The wattage of the power supply isn't as important as its efficiency and if it has any direct PCIE power plugs (so you don't have to use an adapter).

    If you have an 80+ efficiency power supply then a 400 watt unit will work fine, but that probably isn't the case on your system. I had a similar problem with a Radeon 6870 running on a Dell PC. The power supply was a 400 watt unit (according to Dell), but it did not have any native PCIE power plugs and the efficiency of the unit was a mystery. It wouldn't even come up to the BIOS screen, it just beeped a few times after it was powered on. I replaced the power supply with an Antec Basiq 550 watt unit and it works perfectly.
  2. OP here, heres a photo of one of the wires connected to the power supply. Unfortunately, I don't have any direct wires, just two of these already linked up to the disk & hard drive.
  3. make sure that you didint knock off any sata connectors from the motherboard or the back side of your hard drive
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    The connectors that you are showing are SATA power plugs. So, unless you get converters to adapt them to Molex (on the PCI express power adapter that is plugged into your video card) your system will not boot. To the best of my knowledge there are no converters that go from SATA power to Molex, though.

    I am afraid that you will need a newer power supply to make this work well (unless you know someone who can sauder and trust them really well).

    I would suggest a CORSAIR CXM series CX430M power supply. They are currently $50 at NewEgg and Amazon.
  5. Yeah, you are going to need a new PSU with more connectors. Might as well upgrade and get a better one while you're at it. Don't cheap out on a PSU, if it goes down, it will take the PC with it.
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