My VERY recently custom built PC keeps crashing with the uncorrectable error. This is causing me so much stress as I am struggeling to understand what's wrong.(WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE-ERROR), then restarting itself. In addition to this sometimes when I boot the OS does not load and im left looking at the PC all light up with the motherboard GPU red LED on having to restart the pc myself.

It can happen at any time, when gaming, when browsing, when editing screen capture with shadowplay and so on... In addition to this I think the machine is a little nosier recently, possibly the GPU though I am not sure. My GPU driver is up to date and so are my other drivers with exception of the Motherboard I am having trouble opening the file for updating my board for some reason?

The PC spec is as follows:
Board: Asus z97-a
OS: Windows 8.1 (installed on the SSD)
CPU:I7 4770k 3.5ghz overclocked to 4.45ghz
CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i
GPU: Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 780ti Windforce edition
RAM: Kingston Hyper X Beast 16gb with heat syncs
PSU: Leadex 1000w platinum
Sound Card: Asus Xonar 5.1
Samsung 250gb SSD & Segate 7200 2TB HDD
Case: Corsair 540w

This only started happening when I removed the Asus Xonar sound card approx. 2 weeks ago. I am 99% sure this did not happen the week or so that I had the PC prior to my removal of the sound card. I re-installed the card and it persists...
Please note I am somewhat of a PC noob. I am a gamer and I own this PC to play games (world of Warcraft of course), So I would most greatly appreciate any assistance to be put to me as a lamen.

I look forward to receiving assistance on the matter.

Thank you so much.
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  1. Probably needs more voltage, either add more voltage to the cpu or reset to stock settings and it will be fine.
  2. ok, sorry im such a noob, how do I add more voltage? Stock CPU, would that mean loosing the overclock?
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    Didn't you overclock the CPU to 4.45Ghz, you had to add voltage to achieve the 4.45Ghz, or did you do it via Asus software, level up? Yes losing the overclock, it will run fine then, if you don't feel like fine tuning the OC.
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