i5 3570K vs AMD Athlon ll x3 450 power consumption


Currently I'm running a very cheap PSU in my system. I'll provide a photo in this thread. It's 430w I believe.

It was a pretty big guess when I put my HD7850 in but it's running fine.

So when I replace my motherboard (with H81/H87) and get a i5 3570K from a cousin will it still run fine power wise?


My system:
AMD Athlon ll x3 450
HD 7850
Don't know the mobo
4gb 1333mhz crucial ram
60gb ocz agility 3 ssd
3 led fans and some other leds in my case.
no dvd drive lol

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    It should run since the Athlon actually has a higher TDP than the i5 (95W for the athlon and 77W for the i5), but I'd still replace that PSU; A cheap power supply has the potential to ruin your PC.
  2. +1^ Completely agree with Eduello, a new PSU is the way to go. Otherwise you could fry the lot, with a poor PSU.

    any decent XFX 550w psu like this one will suffice :

    the I5 3570k is still a beast, so if your gonna get it, go for a z77top end z75 board to compliment, cos your gonna wanna OC that baby at some point. No point in hindering it with a Hxx/Bxx mobo.
  3. Thanks! I will put the old mobo and cpu in an old pc and sell that one with a gt 440 to buy a good psu.
  4. Sounds like a plan :) Remember that every Windows license is tied to a motherboard, so you'll need a new license when you change your motherboard.
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